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Full Version: german translation issues V80 - T29G
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Hi Yealink Team,

The V80 contains some minor german spelling issues. Tested on T29G with firmware

Primä,rer DNS -> Primärer DNS
Sekundä,rer DNS -> Sekundärer DNS
Synchronism -> Synchronisierung
Büro Num -> Büro Nummer
andere Anzahl -> weitere Nummer
Password bestä,tigen -> Password bestätigen

Hi Raphael,

Thanks for your feedback.
Do you mean that phone should replace "Primärer DNS" with "Primä,rer DNS"?
Currently phone display Primärer DNS in 25 firmware.

Hi James,

"Primärer DNS" would be correct. On the website of the phone is written "Primä,rer DNS".
Let me show you a picture

OK I see it. I misunderstand that you say the display in Phone LCD just now.
I will forward this to our R&D.
Thanks for your feedback!

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