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Full Version: W52P Invalid Pin code
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I just recieved my new phone W52P and i am trying to configure the network settings. However the default pin code is supposed to be "0000" but its not.
When i called my service provider which sent me the phone, they recommended me to purchace a new one since there was no way to reset the pin code. HuhHuhHuh

The default value of PIN is 0000, you can follow below steps to try resetting PIN to default.
How to reset the system PIN?
1. Disconnect the power adapter.
2. Long press the paging key and reconnect the power adapter.
When base station finishes reset, the power indicator LED, network status LED and registration LED illuminate in sequence. System PIN and all individual settings are reset to factory defaults. Handset registrations will also be cleared after base station reset.

Thank you.
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