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Full Version: Reinstall SNMP support in firmware please
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Using Network Management and Inventory tool nearly useless now without SNMP support.
Please tell me your phone model and the SNMP items that you want to use. I'll check with RD whether this is doable.

Best Regards
Mostly T22p a few T42g and T46g
I second this request.
We use mostly the T4x series.
I third this request. It would be a very nice option.
Another +1 for restoring SNMP features.
I too need SNMP Support.
+1 for me as well. Mostly T4x series phones here. We have our RMM tool detecting SNMP enabled devices on client LANs & pushing device info into our PSA for billing, & then into our documentation system. Being able to do the same with the SIP phones would make our lives much easier from a billing reconciliation & documentation standpoint.
+1 to get snmp back
+1 And another vote for bringing back SNMP to Yealink phones. We use T22G, T32G, T38G, T42G and T46G phones.
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