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Full Version: T28P DSS Keys
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I have 6 total phones in my office and have everyone's extensions are programmed as DSS keys 1 through 6. Is there a way for me to tell which extensions are on the phone when the phone rings so I know if someone is available to answer the line. Thank you for your help.
Hello ,
In this case, we would suggest you can use the BLF feature, for example there are 6 people in your office, and their extension are 100, 101, 102,103,104,105,106 and you use the extension 100, then you configure the BLF keys to monitor other extensions
so if the extension 101 is in a call , the BLF keys configured in the phone which monitor extension will be in red.
For more details, you can refer to the user guide.
please check and let us know if any question .
Best Regards!
Thank you for the response. This is the way that we have the phones setup now. When no one is on the line the LEd's are unlit, when someone is on the line it is red. When a call comes in all the BLF's flash as green so you are unable to tell who is on the phone in the office unless you were looking at it before the call. The persons led that was lit in red is now flashing green due to the incoming call. Is there anyway to change this or another way I should setup the phones to work more efficiently?
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