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Full Version: Call Completion (3CX) - PBX Support Required?
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Hi, I have T42G & T46G's and after reading what Call Completion should do, I'm not seeing it work at all...

I've enabled Call Completion on both the caller and the callee phone, I've called and tied up the callee phone with another call and called from a 3rd phone where I would expect to see something like "on another call - call again?".

You should then be able to select to call the person when they are off their call and your phone lets you know when they're off the call and offers to call them - but I don't see anything - does the PBX need to support this or is it a phone feature?

In any case, I'm using 3CX 12.5 and this comment implies it should work with 3CX.

Any ideas? Thanks. TJ
yes, 3CX can support call completion feature but please note , make sure the account only can receive one call and reject the second call ( not forwarded to voice mail just decline the call )
please check and test again.
Best Regards!
So it's not possible to have an extension that's capable of receiving more than one call at a time and still have this feature work?

At least in the Nortel world the callers extension is able to see the other extension is busy and then show the option to call back. I suppose in order for this to work nicely, you really would need the PBX to be involved...

Thanks for the fast response, but it would seem this isn't really useful for me at this time Sad

Sorry,but if the feature need to work, the account of the server should configured to reject the second call.
If the account can receive the second call, when the phone is currently in a call, the second call comes in , the phone will show new incoming call , the Call Completion won't take effect.
please check and let me know if any question .
Best Regards!
sounds like 3cx needs to add another feature for call completion.
(03-17-2015 11:48 AM)craigreilly Wrote: [ -> ]sounds like 3cx needs to add another feature for call completion.

Aside from one bug call completion with Yealink and 3cx is working fine, so I don't think any more support by 3cx is required to make the call completion on Yealink phones work.
Yealink confirmed a bug and will fix it in the next firmware version.
But it might be nice, if 3cx could add a server-side call-completion feature.

Best regards


The issue is fixed in the most current firmware (T46-
This firmware is not official, but the official version will be available soon.

Thanks to the Yealink-Team
Thanks Travis
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