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Full Version: EHS36 with Plantronics Savi
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Hi Yealink

I'm using a Yealink T48G along with an EHS36 ( and a Plantronics Savi W720 headset.

Approximately 80-90% of the calls I get everything is working perfectly.

My problem is that about 5-10% of the calls I get, when I try to answer them with the EHS function (by pressing button on headset) it just picks up the call and immediately hangs up. Sometimes it does this 3-4 times in less than a second (I hear the clicking sound 3-4 times).

This also happens if I press the "answer call" on my phone instead of clicking the headset - yet still only 5-10% of all calls.
Please plug in the 3.5mm DC Jack tightly. If still not work, please change a standard 3.5mm DC jack to have a try.
Hello -
I have the same configuration:

Yealink T48G
Plantronics Savi Office W720
RJ cable from Phone to Headset

Pickup and Hangup are working perfectly well.

But there is no Audio?

Can you please help?

Thx Joe
For the headset audio issue, I suggest do the below things:

1.upgrade to the latest version V81, and reset the phone.
2.refer to the below FAQ to connect the phone and headset, ensure connect correctly.
3.if above steps can not help, please tell us how often does this issue happen, and help get the config.bin/level 6 log/PCAP file, then we will do a further analyze.
About how to get them, please see below link:
In addition, you can send the three files to, then we will follow up.
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