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Full Version: T26 - Password Protect Factory Reset
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I am wondering how to password protect the factory reset option? In the past a user has accidentally navigated to this menu and reset the phone... Looking to add a password to prevent this.


You can enable it through autoprovision:

features.reset_by_long_press_enable = 1

Don't forget the password once you enable the option, or will be very hard to recover it.

Hi James

This is only for one phone and we do not offer autoprovision. Is there another option?


Hope its okay to bump this, looking for another solution if possible
Sorry, the parameter can be enabled only through autoprovision.

I attach the configuration you can use to enable. What you need to do:

1. Uncompress the ZIP file.
2. Place the configuration file to a HTTP/FTP/TFTP server.
3. Input the URL of this file to phone "Server URL" filed under Setting-> Autoprovision.
4. Clock autoprovision now to confiugre it.

The configuration file can be placed in any public HTTP/FTP file as long as it can be accessed.

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