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Full Version: Side Car
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Why are the the lights on my sidecar not working?

I have my sidecar hooked up in a T46G but for some reason only some of the lights work indicating if someone is on their phone or not.

Please help!

So you configure BLF dsskey the sidecar?
What's the firmware of T46G?
What's the server this T46G work with?
How many EXP40 have you connected to phone? If you connect more than 1 EXP40, please plug an addtional 5V/2A power supply.

Right now there is only one EXP40 hooked up.
Current Firmware is T46G-
How your phone is connected POE or Power supply?
If POE - is it brand switch or POE injector or some aftermarket switch?
if power supply - make sure that you are using 5V 2A power supply (not 5V 1.2A- I had similar issue with 5V 1.2A)
The phone is currently connected to a Netgear POE 24 port switch.
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