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Full Version: Change behaviour of Headset button
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I'd like to be able to change behaviour of the headset button.
My clients don't use headset with their t19p phones and when they accidentally press the headset button, they stop hearing audio on the regular handset and complain the phone is not working properly.

Is there a way to change that button behaviour like other DSSkeys or disable it altogether?

Thank you!

No the headset button can't be disabled.
Phone will display a headset icon when it's enabled. If the customer will press the headset button accidentally, please let them pay an attention to the phone screen when no audio is heard. Can customer accept this?

Thank you for responding.
I know there's an icon for headset mode. I have already instructed my clients to pay attention to that. Yet, I think it would be great to have the option of changing that button's behaviour. More so when usually these phones are deployed for regular desktop use and not for headset users (such as call center agents)
With so many options to change in these great phones... one more is not too much to ask Smile
I too am looking for a way to do this. Maybe I should superglue the button? Angel
In fact, the best solution is not to press the headset key !
(07-08-2015 05:56 AM)Yealink_Michael Wrote: [ -> ]In fact, the best solution is not to press the headset key !

Not in this case though. Dodgy
I too would like to have this feature. The phones here are in a secundary school and students love to push the headset button but there is no headset attached, so the next user doesn't know what's happening.
A software feature to turn off the button would be nice.

Phone in a public place, and I can not control humans.

Patrick Bouchard
I agree, no matter how many people you tell not to press the button they will still press it.
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