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Full Version: Enhanced Remote Control
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It would be very nice to have more remote control over the phone, for example to enable/disable call forwarding. For the T46 we use for that the Forwarding Button, but this is not possible for other models (T41 or other).

We created a workaround for that( but that is currently not working because of firmware changes.

thank you!
Hi Raphael,

So you want to enable or disable call forward through a shortcut?
Maybe you can have a try of action URI. If you run in T41 V73 generic firmware please try this action URI command.;DOWN;OK;OK;OK;RIGHT;OK

Replace the ip address with yours, this action URI command make phone to press button step by step bo enable/disable forwarding.

Thank you very much James!

It's a very nice way to do that. I will try it.
Is that also working on V72?
Yes, action URI also work in V72.
The action URI command may vary due to different menu.
Changing the forwarded number and to get the current forward status with action URI It's a bit complicated.

Any Chance that that http://$PHONEIP/servlet?forward=set&Forward_always_enable=1&Forward_always_target=$FORWARD_NUMBER
will be working also for the T2X and T41 in the future Firmware releases?
On the T46G that is working.

same question.. solved
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