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Full Version: CP860 - Re-provisioning redirects page
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Hey Yealink,
First off would you consider making a CP860 specific forum section?

So noticed and i have tested this on multiple CP860s
When you go into provisioning and do a re-provision it successfully does re-provision but you will see a message saying "Redirecting you to lid_25793." then directs you to a unavailable page whit a IP address. Doesn't quite seem right....
This is on phones with firmware

See attached screen shot.

Hi Tsukraw,

Yes, we will add a CP860 specific forum section soon.

About the problem, do you mean that go to web interface and do an autoprovision. After the autoprovision is done, click autoprovision now button to re-provision right away then you see the prompt? Will you see "the operation is done" in second autoprovision?

I tried in my side but doesn't reprdouce it. What's the browser you use? And can you send us the configuration file you use?

Can you PM me your email address I will send you a mini video just showing it.
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