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Full Version: Backlight Timer Setting Not Working T28P
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I'm trying to set up the provisioning template for the T28P phone for 3CX.

I'm setting the parameter "phone_setting.backlight_time" to "1".

When I reprovision a phone with this template, the backlight is set to 'off'.

I've tried changing this value to "0" and to "30", but nothing works correctly. It always stays off, even during a call.

I also tried to 'hard code' settings for the Line buttons on my T28, in the provisioning template. But, these won't program, either.

I just updated the firmware in my T28P to Is this a 'bug' in this version of firmware for the T28P?

John Rayfield, Jr.
Hi John,

Sorry for the late.
I just test in my side, the autoprovision parameter work in T28. Can you try a resetting then do provision again?

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