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Full Version: Missed call shows name then disappears
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Good day to all.

This is my case - we have clients using T20's and T22's. They have complained that when somebody calls them, they see the name, and when stored in the missed call log, they can see the name for a short amount of time, then it reverts to the number. We have tried a couple of things - checked the Missed Call Log option, Call List Show Number option under Feature-> General information interface, made sure it's disabled, and, also, tried adjusting the Caller ID Source under Account-> Advanced interface. Nothing helped.

Also, one client said that the Speed dial contacts are constantly removed from the phone. It is a T22 model.

Please advise, thank you.
Only us have this problem?
Dear Mike,

I have replied to you by Ticket, please refer the email.

Best regards
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