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Full Version: Click to dial from Netsuite (solved)
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We have recently switch our system to Netsuite and there is an ability to use the phone through URL.

I so tried to set for our T22P and T32P the command line but the system is picking the phone, ring, but does not pick the number from the software

I tried various way but never was able

here is a example for the T32P


the phone show %number% and not pick the netsuite number.

if I check what it does when click it link to something"jNLDial('+331xxxxxxxx')

Any help/ideas would be appreciate
The T38 and VP530 use a different format from the T2x series.

T38 and VP530


Navigate to "Yealink -> Phone -> Features -> API Security -> Trusted Action URI Server List" and add the IP address of the host you will use to dial. The first time you try to place a call, a dialog appears on the phone display asking whether to allow remote control, press "OK" (firmware version
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Hello psichel,

thanks for your explanation, I did this and yes the number is dialing correctly.
My problem is more how to pick the number from the netsuite software, I might miss explain
Indeed , if I enter the line like you said, yes, the number is dialing correctly , either for the T22 or the T32.
What I can't get is the command line which allo the system to pick the number and dial it. I tried %number% but it does not copy/paste the number from the software.
I tried a firefox plug in call telify which work correctly, the syntax is number=%0 to pick the number. I tried of course for netsuite without success .
I'm strungle with the correct syntax to "cut/aste" the number and dial it. the re is a java script but it does this : "jNLDial('+331xxxxxxxx') . If I could catch this and only get the number, our problem would be solve
I solved the issue Smile I was not choosing the correct wording to pick the number from Netsuite. %number% did not pick the left mouse click. After few check and test, {number} worked !
Hi, you can try out Callinize and their click to dial feature should work great for you. They have integration for Yealink and Netsuite and will take only a few minutes to set up.
Hello guys! Here's another add-on you can explore for CTI with Yealink. It's called Tenfold, and it supports integration between Netsuite-Yealink.
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