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Full Version: Upgrading the firmware is very complex
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I have a SIP-T22P phone with version of the firmware. Today I decided to upgrade to the latest version. I was surprised, however, that there was a 20+ page document on just upgrading the firmware. Ugh! Why does it have to be so complex? These phones are connected to the network, why can't they just upgrade themselves?
Lazy are we? If you open the document and actually look at it you'll notice that it' 20+ pages because it describes all of the various methods that you can use to update the firmware and provision the phone.

If you want a single straight forward upgrade, just log into the web interface on the phone, go to the config page and hit "Upload new firmware"... doesn't get easier than that.

If you're doing multiple phones you need to setup a basic provisioning system. If that's out of your comfort zone then stick to doing it manually, it'll be faster than teaching yourself how provisioning works.
Ok, I will take your advice. Can I go from straight to Or do I need to do the versions in between?

Thank you jolouis.
Hi Nestman,

Yes, you can go from to
Since there are huge difference between the two firmware, some configuration will lose in upgrading.

I tried upgrading last week and it eventually timed out. I was in the web GUI and on the Upgrade tab, using the .rom file that was saved on my desktop. The message said not to do anything for 5 minutes, and so I waited patiently. Should I just try again hoping it will work this time? Or should I try something different?
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