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Full Version: Yealink VP2009 firmware upgrade with TFTP server
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Being a newbie to this forum, I would like to thank all the members for your support.

One of my Yealink VP2009 phone is bricked and I am trying to load the new firmware with TFTP server boot.

I have tried the below steps:
1. Setup the TFTP server and placed V4X.rom, V4X.bin, V4X.rfs to the tftpboot folder
2. Powered on the VP2009 holding the "OK" button
3. Selected Manual upgrade from the boot menu; pressed OK
4. Selected TFTP from the upgrade type menu; pressed OK
5. Selected Network from the boot type; pressed OK
6. setup the ip of the tftp server; pressed OK
7. selected dhcp for the device ip and pressed OK
8. Kernel: uImage.VP2009D.dat; pressed OK
9. FileSys: filesys.VP2009D.dat; pressed OK
10. Version tool: Upgrade.tool; pressed OK
11. Version data: VP2009D-null-; pressed OK
12. Upgrade now? selected OK
13. Running DHCP ........: OK
Loading Kernel ........

It is stuck up in this dialogue
In the tftpserver log we can find the below
Feb 16 13:37:44 voipserver in.tftpd[24387]: RRQ from filename uImage.VP2009D.dat
Feb 16 13:37:44 voipserver in.tftpd[24387]: sending NAK (1, File not found) to

Could anyone help me to bring back my toy to life...........?SadSadSadSadSad



if you manually try to get o the url of the firmware from a computer, is your browser asking if you want to open/save it ?
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