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Full Version: V81 Firmware release date
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When is the V81 firmware due to come out?
Hi Sir,

We will release the V81 firmware in the next week. Then you can download the firmware in Yealink Website. Below is the link:

Thank you for you concern.
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Lucia Lu
Any update on the date of the release? Thank you.
We have release the firmware V81, and you can go to Yealink Website to download the release note and the admin guide:

Hope you a nice day.

Only some of the desktop phones currently have V81 available. When will this version be available for the W56P?
We plan to release the V81 of W56P in the December.
Any update when V81 be available for the W56P?
Yes, we will release the V81 for the W56P next month.
Any update on when the V81 firmware for the W56P will be available? Thank you.
Dear Sir,

About your problem, my colleague Jon will contact you by email later
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