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Full Version: Yealink W52P in Ring Group
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I have a base station and four W52P wireless phones. In my Server I have created a Ring Group and put the extensions for these four phones. When I dial to this Ring Group then all four phones don't ring at the same time. Sometime only three phones ring and one of the four phones doesn't ring. Some other times all four phones ring and after couple of rings two phones drop. I tried to figure out the cause for the past two days but remained unsuccessful. Do you think it is a network problem or these wireless phones are not designed to work in a ring group? Please help.
What's your handset firmware?
Please try this handset firmware which improve the simultaneous ring problem in ring group.


My handset firmware is
I have the same issue. The ring group has 4 extensions in it. Sometimes they all ring...sometimes only 2 or 3 ring.

I have already upgraded the firmware for base and handsets to:


Any other suggestions?

I do not believe this is a network or server issue, as I have ring groups with other phones (corded) and they all ring every time.

I have a base station and four W52P wireless phones
Is there any other answer for this?
Seems like Yealink only answers once.
Did you do the upgrade like they suggested? If so, what have the results been?
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