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Full Version: Voicemail Icon
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Not sure if this has been asked and answered. I was wondering if there was a way to get a T42G to display a voicemail icon on the line key display on the account on which it was left. Example having two sip accounts. Voicemail was left on account two but phone just displays a icon in the upper right hand corner with no value as to where the voicemail was saved. thank you.

It's not supported. You have to get into Menu-> Message-> Voice Mail to check detailed information.


Could this be added as a feature request. Thank you.
We will collect the request. But need to evaluate whether it's a fuction needed by most of users before adding it.

i cant retrieve my voicemail from my phone it asked me to set it up and i did but when i says i have a voicemail it wont take me to the voicemail help please
Hello Silvia,

You can dial out voice mail code to access it.
Please get the code from your service provider/Administrator.

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