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Full Version: DSS key programmed as DTMF, going too fast
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I have a park feature on my hosted platform that while on the call, you press the star key 3 times and the call gets parked. I made one of the DSS buttons a DTMF button dialing ***. It works most of the time, but sometimes my system only registers two stars. Is there a way to delay the start of the first star?

What's your phone firmware? Please upgrade to latest and check again.
If the problem persit please adjust the DTMF duration through below parameter(the parameter is only applicable in firmware version higher than V73):

features.dtmf.duration =

It range from 40 ~ 300, default value is 80.

I should make it higher or lower? I am guessing higher.
You should make it lower.
The duration time should be shorter than the internal of two DTMF input.
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