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Full Version: YL SIP T-20 - Account wont Register
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I am using YL SIP T-20 I had two accounts configures, both were working fine, now one account will not register. I did not change anything from the time it worked until the time it stopped working . I even set up new SIP account for it and it still wont register. I can register same settings on softphone with now problem.
I'm having same registration problem from time to time. On the telephone web status screen I see "Registering" and nothing happens.

I often reset to factory defaults by holding the [OK] button and reconfigure. Sometimes that doesn't work either. My next option is to disable that slot(line) and program another slot(line) if available.

I experienced this problem with T28P and T22P phones as well. I reset the configuration, updated to the latest firmware but had no luck. I'll appreciate if someone could provide a permanent fix.

To see what is going on I would recommend pulling the system logs from the phone when it is having trouble registering. It should help discover the problem. You can pull the logs from the web service and pick through them or upload them here and we might be able to figure out what is going on.
Good advice kg4ysy. Thank you,

I'll remember that for next time when I have that same issue.

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