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Full Version: Difference between Yealink IP Phone and Wildix IP Phone
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Hello ,

I noticed a bug similarity between Yealink IP phones and those Wildix.
For example : Wildix WP 480 vs Yealink T22P
Wildix WP 490 vs Yealink T26P
Wildix WP 600 vs Yealink T38G
Wildix Air 70 vs Yealink W52 P

So there are the same IP phones ? Or there is difference between the 2 models ?
did you get this answer? They appear to be the same - but the firmware may be custom or locked for use on their SIP Server.

Yes, there is a difference. Wildix VoIP Phones produced before 2015 were really based on Yealink hardware, however Wildix phones use a different Firmware and have been specifically designed to work with the Wildix PBX and to support all the features of the Wildix PBX, including auto-provisioning, sync of user preferences, setting of BLF keys, and many others.

For more information don't hesitate to contact Wildix via our website. Best regards.
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