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Full Version: SIP-T42G bricked (i think so)
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dont know why, but one of our new t42g shows only the "Welcome, initializing... please wait" screen.
Maybe someone has played around or disconnected the phone while first start after unpacking.
Our phones are connected over the internet to "NFON" and getting the "init informations" over the web from NFON.

Pressing "OK" for a lot of time (much more then the 10 seconds) does not do anything and we have not found a way to reach the web interface of the phone.

Is there a way to manually "press" a new firmware from outside into the phone (over ethernet or a hidden usb / serial port)?

Greetings from berlin, germany :-)
Best regards,

Due to your T42G IP phone is customized version of NFON, please contact NFON for help.

If there is any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards
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