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Full Version: Softkey Speed-dial display in on-talking
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is there a way to make a speed-dial softkey programmed on a T46G display during the talk, transfer to, etc states?

the key displays fine when idle but not when the phone is in use.. i have custom softkey turned on and even tried disabling all of the built in softkey functions, I end up with 4 blank spaces when i do that..

I want a caller to be able to transfer a call to a speed-dial on a softkey..

or am I required to use a LineKey for this? the speed dial seems not useful as softkey if I cannot transfer to it.
Currenlty it's not supported.
But we are developing EDK(enhanced dss key)feature which allow users customize a softkey or line key in T46G. It can meet your need.
The feature will be available in V80 or V81.

this is exactly what im looking for!, glad to know its in the works!

did that happen, is this feature available?

Unfortunately I cannot find it.

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