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Full Version: T32G - Slow Directory Response Times?
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We are currently in the process of trialing a VoIP system using a couple of Yealink phones, T32G and T46G.

The T32G seems to be quite slow when responding when navigating within the directory (tested with both LDAP and local directory), whereas the T46G responds pretty much instantly. Obviously I expected a slight difference between the two, but the lag on the T32G is noticeable and rather annoying.

This seems to be the only feature of the phone that runs like this, otherwise it is pretty responsive.

Is this a known issue and/or are there any known workarounds?

Worth noting the phone is on the latest firmware.

How many items are in the Directories you are querying.
If you can help it - stay away form the T32 - as they are not planning any more major firmwares.
The T46 is a great product and I think will have some longevity.

What VoIP system are you trying?
Currently it's around 30 items in size though there was scope for expanding that. Is this a known issue?

We have been very impressed with the T46 and plan to use it as a reception phone. However as a standard desk phone for users, I'm not too sure.

We're currently trialing FreePBX and are quite happy with it so far.
I havent used the other t4x but would imagine one of the lower numbers would work in place of the 32.
Just to follow up on this one, it would appear the T32G is slow in its own menus. A perfect example is when scrolling through the network settings there is a significant lag. I have taken a video which demonstrates the issue (see below) and while this may be manageable scrolling through a simple menu a directory of names is intolerable.

Can anyone confirm if their 32G displays the same symptoms or do I have a faulty phone ? I have tried various firmwares and all display the same symptoms, all the phone is doing is scrolling through text. I have even disabled keypad tones in case that was causing the lag to no avail.
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