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Full Version: 3CX Phonebook: Selection of inbound caller names
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3CX Version 12 SP 6.1
YEALINK T28 Version (3CX Version)

I have auto provisioned 3CX phonebook and it is acessable from the T28.
Unfortunately when an inbound call comes in, only the number is visible on the display. The number is registered in the 3CX phonebook but the callername from the 3XC phonebook is not on screen.

How can I change this?

Hi Matthias,

Please keep in mind only fields as: First Name, Last Name and Mobile are valid.
Also set up Settings > General > Global Options > CallerID and Phonebook matching to your desire.

Thank you for this information!

But it is necessary to enable "Search Remote Phonebook Name" (see picture).[attachment=1298]

Note: The default autoprovision will set this switch to "disabled"!

To change it:
1. Go to the template
2. search for "features.remote_phonebook.enable"
3 set ist to "features.remote_phonebook.enable = 1"

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