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Full Version: 3CX Shared parked pickup button.
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How can I program a shared park call button (SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4) on a T19 phone. It works fine on my T42 and T46 phones but won't work on my T19s.

How many T19s do you have?
I'm sorry that T19 don't have the DSS Key to program a call park in this moment, but you can park or retrieve a call by manual.
Here is a video showed how to do a call park or retrieve(SP1,SP2,SP3,SP4) by manual.

Thank you.
Daniel, thanks for sharing this. That is a crazy method - but yes it does work... and a little tedious. (Why is the video sideways?)

PS: Have you considered using Dropbox links? This file took about 5 minutes to download on a 100mb connection from your servers... A file this size should take about 30 seconds or less at 100mb.
Dear Craigreilly,

Thank you for your advice, I have compressed this video, please refer the link below:

The video links don't seem to work for me.

I don't have any T19 units around to verify they have the replace function and i cant see the video to see if this is how it was done manually.

This is how we do it on the cordless phone and other units that don't have DSS keys.
We program a replace function on the phone. We do **1 replace with SP1 **2 repalce with SP2 and so on.

That allows the user to dial **1 to retrieve SP1 and such.

We use the double ** to prevent crossover on 3CX dial codes.

Customers overall have been ok with this solution.
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