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Full Version: Pause
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We were told that in v73 in the T4x series this feature would be enabled.

Adding a pause to a dialing string. This is a basic feature and people are asking for this. Most phones/PBX's use a "," for a pause. Each "," is 1 second pause before automatically out pulsing DTMF tones.

What is the status and how do you add a pause if this was included in v73.

Thank You.
Same request - this is a feature on every phone system and every cell phone I've ever seen

VoIP phones are supposed to be improvements in technology
Me too. Yealink, can you comment here?
Hi All,

We plan to support this feature in V80 for T4x.
We are developing EDK(enhanced dsskey) feature which can be used to achieve this.

Hi, So I've reviewed the release notes for V80 and don't see this anywhere? Sad

Am I missing something? I have a T48G and would love to be able to program the pause (often a comma), "*" and "#" keys into strings.

Please help. I've seen the feature promised in several earlier releases and was expecting this by now.

sam here, still no update on this? this is basic no?
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