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Full Version: 100 and 1001 continuous ringing
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help - In the past we have had occassion of the 100 and 1000 calls, we contact our phone suppliers and they advise to update the firmware on the phones we do this and it seems to stop.

However over the past few days all the yealink phones that are connected via BT internet connections have been ringing through the day through the night its terrible and drives you to dispair, we have updated the firmware and tried various things nothing works.

Our phone supplier Traingle keep telling us its BT and BT are port scanning from reading various posts I am not so sure its BT that isport scanning..

the make and model of the phones varies but they are all yealink, one is W52P, also T22P.

The other issue being we are not partically technical and seem to be getting no help from anyone to sort or help the problem.

is there anythign I can ask Traingle our provider to do?

any help or advise apprecaited as this really is a huge problem to us in a busy sales office and then at home in the evenings the phones are there to take out of office calls.

thank you


Please read the first reply from Yealink_Wilson on thread "Ghost Calls":

Hope it help.
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