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Full Version: T20 Support
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Has Yealink officially stopped support of the T20 phones? I see I am unable to get firmware or other downloads for them on their site anymore.

The firmware and documents can be got by this link.
The T20 will be out off market soon. We will still maintain the firmware but there won't be a main version upgrade. In other word, V73 is the last main version of T20.

James - no link....
Sorry, I forgot to copy it. Here it's.
James, I noticed T20 has been moved to the bottom of the left menu under 'Former Products'. If that is the case, why is the T3x still at the top since Yealink has told us that mainstream support is done.
I think the reason is that T20 has been announced out of market and Yealink has stop production of T20. but the T3x has not.
gotcha. thanks for the clarification.
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