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Full Version: T26P - BLF Provision
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I'm trying to provision my Yealink T26P but I have some troubles. I'm using pretty much the same template as the T46G, but the BLF are not provisioned.

I've got the first three linekey for the lines, and I want to display the BLF on the right of the phone. On other models I'm just doing :

linekey.4.label = 100
linekey.4.line = 1
linekey.4.pickup_value = *8100
linekey.4.type = 16
linekey.4.value = *8100

But this is ignored by the T26P. Is there an other way to do that ? There is no functionkey variable on the documentation.

T26 only has three line keys so you can't configure the fourth line key. If you want to configure dsskey, please try below parameters:

memorykey.1.label = 100
memorykey.1.line = 1
memorykey.1.pickup_value = *8100
memorykey.1.type = 16
memorykey.1.value = 100

It's working, thank you !
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