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Full Version: T4x specific group
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I figured out how to recover a stuck T42G. I want to post the how-to but there is no section for the T4x related posts.

Anyway, download an applicable rom for the device, rename it t42.rom on the tftp server. Download the recovery for the T40 and rename the two .bin and .rfs files to T4X_SPI.bin and T4X_SPI.rfs.

Enter recovery mode by pressing the speaker button followed by powering up the T42G via adapter or PoE. Enter the IP, netmask, gateway and TFTP server numbers and be a little patient. Don't interrupt the process!

I used an old rom for the T42G, for 3CX compatiblity. is the T4x forum. I have asked the MOD to move itso it aligns with the 3x and 2x.
Hi Craig,

Thanks for suggestion, we have put T4x forum in prior position and can be noticed easily.
Since T4x series is huge different to T2x and T3x so we currently don't align them.

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