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Full Version: Queue hunting issue with T48G phones
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Hi Support,
We are using 3cx system with a priority hunting queue, the queue is functioning normally, however the issue is with the state of the first person in the priority list. When the first person receives a call and transfers the call, while the call is in the process of transferring(ie: the phone of the person who has received the transferred call is ringing), the phone is unavailable to receive calls and the priority list defaults to the second person.
In a company with a high volume of incoming calls, it's very disruptive for the secretary to be unable to receive any calls after transferring a call to another person. Sometimes that person takes a minute or more to answer the phone, which stops the secretary(the first person on the priority hunt) from being able to take any incoming calls. I may not be explaining this very well so maybe below will help:

Incoming call to A

A transferring call to B

Before B picks up the phone, A cannot receive any incoming phone calls.

B picks up the transferred call, A can now receive phone calls.

We contacted 3cx, this is what they replied:

Please note that a Queue agent can take 1 call at a time. After the agent hangs up, only then can they receive another incoming call into the Queue. A suggestion would be to decrease the amount of "transfer time". To do this please navigate to Settings>> advanced >> Custom Parameters and decrease the value for CALL_TRANSFER_ TRACKING_TIME. In addition the above it appears that the Yealink phones will not perform this functionality as they appear to be doing a Semi attended transfer in contrast to Snom and Cisco phones. That means that the yealink phone will wait untill it receives a 200 OK from the transferred party before it makes itself available to the PBX after a blind transfer whereas a Snom or a Cisco phone will immediately send an OK back after pperforming the transfer and they are available to be polled immediately. Unfortunately this seems to be an issue with Yealink and we would recommend that you contact them and let them know about this.

Is there anyway around this?

I noticed that you have sent a mail to my colleague Wilson too.
He will follow up this issue.

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