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Full Version: Yealink T19P Action URI
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Hello all! I have Yealink T19P phone, and i try to set up remote management with Action URI. But i cannot do it. I sent http request in my phone but i
have error in log -->> not found cmd
What is problem ?
I found the similar subject and then i try my phone with other firmware:

but everywhere i had error --> not found cmd
Thank you for your attention.

Oct 19 11:18:13 fcgiServer.exx: Action URI: IP( Action(key=reboot)
Oct 19 11:18:13 Log [693]: CUIT<6+info > CAccessManager::ProcessMsg:0x30017, lParam:0
Oct 19 11:18:13 Log [693]: CUIT<6+info > Allow to Remote Control !
Oct 19 11:18:13 Log [693]: URIL<6+info > ParseURI[key=reboot]
Oct 19 11:18:13 Log [693]: URIL<6+info > Action(reboot)
Oct 19 11:18:14 Log [693]: URIL<4+warnin> not found cmd!
Thank you all. I solved problem. I had something wrong in my http request. Valid https is ""
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