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Full Version: T48G BLF triggers display brightness
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Hey folks,

I have a problem concerning a T48G.
When a BLF is acivated due to the call of a colleague, the display always lights itself up to full brightness,
which is kind of anoying when you're working on something else.

I think there is a possibility to turn the brightness down or deactivate the option,
that lets the phone leave standby if a BLF is activated, but I can't find it.

Does anybody know where to adjust this?

thanks in advance,

Hi Maxheu,

About your problem, do you mean you configuresd a BLF to monitor your colleague's phone, when the state of the phone changed, the T48G will light itself up to full brightness? If the answer is yes, can you kindly tell me if you turn off the backlight of the phone? Or you do any other configure to disabled the light of the phone? What is the model of your phone?

If there are any misunderstanding, please kindly tell me. Thank you.
Thank you for the quick response.

The Phone is autoprovisioned to Deutsche Telefon Standard, a german telecommunications-provider.
And yes, I configured a BLF to monitor a colleague's phone.
We changed the timer for the "sleep-mode" a bit, but no backlights were turned off.
It's simply the difference between standby brightness and activity brightness that's annoying.
If the option to activate the phone whenever a BLF is operating could be turned off, I'd be happy. ;-)
the model is a T48G.

PS: Our customer told me this behaviour occured first after a new Firmware update, but I can't fully confirm that.
Dear Sir,

When there have BLF operation which means the phone has the operation, so that the phone will change the state from standby mode to the active mode, and the brightness also will change. Sorry to tell you that we don't support to turn off it currently.

Hope you a nice day. Thank you.
Oh, that's a pitty. Thank you nevertheless for the quick and friendly answer,
That was a positive first impression of this forum for me.

keep it up!
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