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Full Version: How to remove autoprovisioned Remote Phonebook v70?
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In 3CX all phones got a remote-phonebook "3CX Phonebook" with = URL.... = 3CX Phonebook
in the common-config

How to delete this entry with autoprovisioning?
I tried = =

then I tried something like: = http://localhost/all

did not work either.

The weird thing is: if you autoprovision a remote phonebook to a T20 (v130 firmware) you change the "directory" button to "1. 3cx Phonebook" (no more "local directory" through this button).
I can not use it (because T20 does not support remote phonebook) and I can not delete it through web-interface ( will bring me to: Permission denied!).

Is factory reset the only way?

best regards,
Hi Boris,
Sorry i am not very understand.
Our T20 do not support remote phonebook, where does it show the remote phonebook information?
Sorry to bring an old post.
I have the same question.
How can we remove remote phonebook settings with autoprovisioning? (I'm running t19p and t26p phones)
Thank you = %NULL% =%NULL%
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