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Full Version: T48G not playing uploaded ringtone
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I uploaded a new ringtone (Ring10.wav, 16 bit, 8KHz, 67k) to play on my 2nd and 3rd extensions through auto-provisioning. The new ringtone was properly loaded and assigned to those extensions. I can see configurations when I log into the T48G's GUI interface; in the Basic page of each account tab. But when I call those extensions I hear other ringtone (Ring1). Ring1 is assigned only to extension 1.

I loaded the same ringtone, the same way on my previous T28P phone without any problem.

The interesting thing is that when I am on the T48G's account 2 or 3 page (Basic), if I click on "Confirm" without changing anything, the ringtone will start working. It is as if was not completely saved into the internal ram.

I have to upload this ringtone on many remote clients, which I have only remote access. I can update their phones through auto-provisioning. How can I make the new ringtone work using auto-provisioning?
System files are attached.

Please advise,
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Thank you for your feedback.
This issue have been solved in v73 version.
Please upgrade the firmware to v73, and try again.We have test it, and the issue didn't exist.

You can download v73 firmware from our website:


If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

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