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Full Version: How to configure 2 bases mirroring each other
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Hi all!

I have 2 W52P bases saparated in different places, and conected to the same asterisk PBX, in the same LAN.

Each base, has coneccented one pair of handsets, and actually, those pairs of handsets, only can work separately.

I want to configure each base to manage the two paris of handsets with the same extensions. Is there any possibility to configure bases as a mirror? As a repeater?

Thank you!
Hi Fetoa,

Try these steps:
1. Register same accounts in the two base.
2. Set a same assignment rule.
3. Register all handsets to two base.
4. Go to setting-> Registration-> Select Base, choose best base.

Now if a handset is moved out of first base coverage but in the second base coverage it will automatically switch to the second base and use a same extension.

But please note that the switch will take about 10s and if you are in a call it will be dropped in the switch.

Ok thanks, but...

If both bases have same extensions, they will try to register on the PBX at the same time from different IPs, won't them? How are the bases able to know if they have to register the acccount or not?

Best regards.
Is it possible to register the extensión, just when the handsets connects to te base?

Yes, they will register at the same time.
What's your pbx server? As I know many pbx server accept a registration from mutiple location. If not, can you configure a feature like SLA/SCA or even a ring group?

Base station can't be configure to register in such way.

I have an Asterisk PBX.

Finally I have created a new extensión for each main extensión, and I've confiured follow me function to ring on each base. All extensions have same CID for internal calls.

Handsets connect with the bases ok, but I have one of them that gets too long to change from one to other. Is there any option to configure this? Althouh te signal is too low, and the new base is full power, seems to take very long time.

Thank you!
Hi fetoa,

Have you enabled Eco mode or Eco mode+?
If yes, please disable it and check again. The two option are under setting-> system setting.

And may I know how long it takes to connect to now base station?

I have no eco mode configured.

It takes about 2 minutes. I think it's too long. Any idea?

During the swtich, handset display seaching for base for a long time? Or stick in other process for a long time?
Just want to know in which phase phone consumes time.
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