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Full Version: Static on Headset
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I am using a T48G phone and a Plantronics headset with a BT40 Bluetooth Adapter.

After a few days, I get static on the headset or sometimes no one can hear me at all.
If I pull the BT40 out and replug it in the problem is fixed again for a few days.
Any one else having this issue?

May I know what's the headset model and phone firmware?
When the problem happens quickly plug and unplug the BT40 and the problem will disappear every time?

And you can try a firmware upgrading:

Plantronics Voyager Legend.
Hi James,

We are having the same issue except using the T46G.
Headset and dongle are the same.

In addition, at random intervals the headset un-pairs with the phone.

We have around 20 wireless combinations and about 3-5 people have issues per day.
Has anyone had an update on this? I have a Plx Voyager Legend CS connected to a Yealink T41P and there is a constant hiss in the background which is making things very difficult. Interestingly, when I use a Snom 710 there is no hiss.
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