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Full Version: Programming BLFs T48 & 3CX
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I want to create a BLF that allows the user to transfer a call to another extension's voicemail. I've tried setting one up as *4 but when I try to use it by pressing it and then the BLF of an extension it puts the current call on hold and then dials the voicemail of the extension. I guess I need it to transfer the existing call but don't see how to do that code-wise. Can you help with this?
What firmware are you on? I think the v73 of the firmware may give this option, but it is still in Beta and not downloadable by 3cx at this time.

(Have you tried hitting Transfer first?)
Using Should I try v73?

And if I do then the way I have it setup should work?

My memory is that it did work using transfer first but I'm hoping to use just 2 button pushes if possible.
I would check the doc's and test 1 device on v73 to see if it will accomplish what you need or not.
I do not have any T48's and only a handful of T46's which are all in use.
Thank you.

I've never been able to find how to upload a rom to the 3cx console so I can use it to deploy to a phone. I see where I can upload but then it doesn't seem to show up under the upgrade firmware section. Can you tell me how to do that?
in v12 you can not do your own anymore...
so, try 1 phone by doing a manual upload.
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