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Full Version: W52H on Aastra RFP L35 IP
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Hi there,

I'm happy with W52P, but for some reason, i need to register a W52H handset on an Aastra RFPL35 DECT environement, which is GAP compliant.

I actually manage to register the handset, but then i've "Initializing Data" on the screen, and the DECT seems to be stuck. Any action on the handset (presse a number or anything) display the message : "Synchronizing, please try later!"

In my opinion, the handset is trying to get contacts data or somthing with an (inexistant) W52P...

I tried both and firmware with no luck.

Is there any way to prevent this synchronization ? Some of you already managed to makes a W52H works with another DECT system ?

Thanks for any feedback Wink

Hi Kriss,

Sorry to tell you that W52H can't work with other DECT system. We didn't do any such a compatability test.
There are should be some message can't be recognized by W52H when using with other DECT system.

Hi James,

Thanks for your answer.
Do you plan to "open" the W52H to GAP compliant systems in the future ?


No, I don't hear any plan about this.
Even it's supported I think it will have very limited feature when using with other base station.

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