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Full Version: T23G: Connect headset and speak keep listen to my own voice in headphone
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I purchase 15 units of T23G recently. When I connect a YHS32 headset to the phone and speak on the mic, I can listen my voice on the head phone. This create extra noise and unnecessary. All 15 units I purchase has same problem.

Same headset connect my old T20P and T22P or even T48G doesn't has the problem. Please advice.
Hi Ccy,

Sorry for this issue. We are checking internally.
The voice you sounds should be sidetone and it can be adjust by autoprovision.

voice.side_tone =

The value range from -50~0. When you successfully configure it phone will reboot.

You can adjust it to a comfortable value firstly. We will check whether the default side tone volume is too high in T23 and feedback you soon.

Hi Ccy,

After checking we find that the headset sidetone of T23 is higher than other model.
We will improve it in a later fixed firmware. Currently can you please adjust it through autoprovision.

And don't place the microphone too close to your mouth since the sidetone is very sensitive to the distance.

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