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Full Version: W52P 6 handsets and 2 Base concerns re Overlap
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I have an opportunity in a small office (20' x 50') that needs cordless for 6 users with growth in future to 8-9. For the T52P DECT phones, this would push to requiring 2 Base units. Can the 2 Base units operate in this office without interfering with each other and allow 3-4 handsets to register to each base?

Any other concerns or requirements to make this work?
Hi Deli,

Without a repeater up to 5 handsets can be registered to a base station So two base station can handle 8-9 handsets.

For a high quality audio experience and avoiding interference the number of base station in a local area should be taken into account. You can refer to this pic:

Two base station in your office are allowed. Just make sure that they are not placed too close.

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