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Full Version: xml assistance
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Using Yealink T46 with 3CX.

I am looking to configure a single DSSkey to trigger two dial codes.

DSSkey1 - available presence (*30) and 3CX emergency code (*66)
DSSkey2 - away presence (*31) and 3CX emergency code (*66)

I have been experimenting with "ExecuteItem URI="Dial:" but can't get it to work with two dial codes.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Only the DND key has the ability to know its status and dial 2 different codes.
You would have to write an XML script to bring up a menu and allow the person to select which option they need.

Check this out (used on T38, but should be similar):

I use this on the receptionist phone and if she is not there, someone else can goto the phone and set to "AWAY" which goes to a ring group instead. This might be helpful for your situation.

(Remember that on 3cx, *60 and *61 are DND and are not "Presence/Profile Changes" - those are typically *30,*31,*32,*33,*34

Not sure why I put DND codes in my example I meant presence code (edited OP).

Thanks for your example. In my situation I need one DSSkey to trigger our closed action which are two separate codes (*31 presence away and *66 3CX emergency code)

A non-working example but the single xml would be something to the effect of:

<YealinkIPPhoneExecute Beep="no">
<ExecuteItem URI="Dial:*30"/>
<ExecuteItem URI="Dial:*66"/>

Anything like this possible?

I am not sure you can get 2 dialing commands to process.... is there an issue with using all *3x codes as we do?
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