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Full Version: SIP-T20P No outgoing calls :(
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Hi I have a Yealink SIP-T20P phone and want to use a SIP Phone connection to my provider.

The phone works fine with incomming calls but I can's call out.
I have contacted my Provider (XS4ALL, The Netherlands) and settings are ok as far the can give support. No block on outgoing calles.

When I want to make a call I get this message in the window "Wrong Login or Password" But the password is correct.

Register Status: Registered

Does anyone knows what the problem can be?
you would have to run a trace (wireshark perhaps) and check the fields being sent in the negotiation.
Then sent it to your provider and ask them what information might be missing.

Wireshark does not see the phone. I think it's more a setting in the phone then a problem with connection to the SIP server.

May I know what's your phone firmware?
When you call all numbers phone will pop up this error?

Please get a pcap trace and config.bin through these steps:
1. Go to Setting-> Configuration, start pcap feature.
2. Make two different calls to reproduce the issue.
3. Stop the pcap feature and export it.
4. Export config.bin file to us.

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