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Full Version: Different phonebooks for different handsets
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I use XML phonebooks ( = ...)
However, I want to give to different handsets different phonebooks.
(for example: phonebook1 to handset1, phonebook2 to handset2. but handset1 should not see phonebook2, and handset2 should not see phonebook1.)
Is this somehow possible?

The phones send their MAC address as part of the http header.
If you use a script to serve the XML, you can check $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']
I would use php and database to query the phonebook enties for a particular phone/MAC address.

I have multiple handsets on 1 basestation.
For ALL the handsets the 1 MAC address from the basestation is send.
So this is not a solution.

Hi Samuel,

You have to import a local phonebook.
All handsets registered to a base station share same remote phonebooks but they have their own local phonebook.

You can add it in web interface under contacts or autoprovision:
handset.X.contact_list.url =

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