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Full Version: DHCP Option 66
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I am trying to get Yealink T46 to accept DHCP option 66. It appears that the only way to do this is to go into the gui of the phone and disable Only accept trusted certificates. The default setting is enabled. If I have to to this for every new phone its a huge waste of time because then I would just paste the url of the provisioning server at the same time.

Firmware is

Am I missing something that I should be turning on in the windows DHCP? Or should I try a different DHCP server software?

This is my first post, thanks in advance.
Are you running 3CX 12.5 Beta/RC?
If you are it should still accept the non certificate connection (HTTP)
So remove the (s) from the HTTPS:// in the DHCP Option 66 and your phones should connect. At least this is how we are accomplishing it.
We then modified in the template to disable the trusted so down the road we can switch back to HTTPS if we want.
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