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Full Version: How many G.729 licenses?
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I would like to know how many licences of G.729AB codec have the T21P and T28

My provider have only 729 codec on his sistem and with other phones I can not use the conference because they only have one 729 license on their phone units

Thanks Wink
Hi tafisa,

Geneally speaking, if you enable the G729 codec via web gui of Yealink phone, just like below, it is compatible with other phones which only support G729/G729A/G729B/G729AB codec as long as the Other parameters negotiation is correct.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1246]

1. Can T21 and T28 establish a call with their phone units not conference call?
2. What is the scenario of the conference call?
3. What is the firmware version of your phone?
4. Would you please explain more what do you mean "I can not use the conference"? Just there is no any voice among the three sides? Or else scenario?

So does Yealink not have an official stance as to how many G729 licenses are on the handsets?
This was the OPs question.
Hi Wilson

Well, in fact, the problem is because my other phones can´t use the conference mode. The reason is because my VOIP provider only uses G.729 codec and my "other brand" phones only have one license for G.729 codec, only one call at the same moment, it can´t use 2 lines at the same time.

That´s the reason I am asking how many lines at the same time those models can use, how many licences of g.729 have those phones?

Hi tafisa,

1. please confirm whether the other brand phones and your account support conference call.
2. If yes, could you please describe your scenario more detailed? Just like below:
A = yealink phone, B = other brand phone, C = other brand phone
A call B, B answer the call.
B press conference key to make a new call to C. but the can can't be established.
Is it your scenario?
3. If the three parts are all Yealink phones, can it work?
4. Please reproduce your scenario then provide the PCAP file, config.bin file and syslog level 6 to us. About how to get these files, please refer to this FAQ,

G.729 is a sound information pressure calculation for voice that packs computerized voice in parcels of 10 milliseconds length of time. As a result of its low transfer speed prerequisites, G.729 is generally utilized as a part of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications where data transmission must be moderated, for example, telephone calls. Standard G.729 works at a bit rate of 8 kbit/s, however there are augmentations, which give rates of 6.4 kbit/s (Annex D, F, H, I, C+) and 11.8 kbit/s (Annex E, G, H, I, C+) for more regrettable and better discourse quality, individually.

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