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Full Version: Beeping Problems on W52 with a RT10 Repeater
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We have some "beeping" issues, like a cricket sound in our W52H terminals inside RT10 area, if you move to base area, "cricket dies" Tongue.

This sound is annoying, but it has only heard by the phone holder, not on the reciever, even if you record the call.

We have changed the RT10 placement, as shown on the photo (temporaly installation Dodgy) as recommended (Wifi Camera it's unplugged)

We have changed W52P firmware and W52H as well.

W52P - Firmware: Hardware:
W52H - Firmware:

We have also replaced RT10 by a new one, and still happens.

You can see on youtube on:

Cricket Alive video

Cricket Dead Video

Some images showing DECT coverage are attached

You mentioned "cricket sound" maybe the Verification Tone, please try to deactivate this tone.
To activate/deactivate the verification tone on the repeater:
1.Switch off the repeater (disconnect the power adapter).
2. Switch it on for 1 to 5 seconds and switch it off again.
3. Switch it on again. The LED indicator on the repeater flashes slowly.
4. Switch it off again.
5. Switch it on again.
For more information, please refer to :Yealink DECT Repeater RT10 UserGuide

Thanks and hope it helps you.

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