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Full Version: Yealink IP Phone SIP-T19P connected to a CISCO c2960 48pst-l Switch
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Hi Yealink,

I've got a question, we've bought a Yealink IP Phone SIP-T19P and a IP Phone SIP-T20P. The T20P PoE are working in our Cisco c2960 48pst-l switch, but when trying for the T19P its PoE doesn't work. Is there any configuration we need to do in the IP Phone SIP-T19P?


No, there is no a specific configuration to POE. What you need to do is connecting phone to POE port. The T19P can't power up even when it's plugged to the switch port T20P is using?

Firstly please make sure that the phone is T19P but T19, only T19P support POE.

If you have confirmed that the phone it's T19P try a factory and check again.

If the problem is not resolved please let us know the phone firmware, phone hardware and phone SN number.

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